Buíoch is an Irish Traditional Music band stemming from the Midlands of Ireland. Buíoch compose and arrange all their own melodies, which gives the band a traditional yet progressive sound that is unique and energetic. Buíoch is the Irish word for ‘thankful’. This group typifies the meaning behind their name; they are deeply grateful and humbled to play music and perform. Their debut album ‘Buíoch’ was released on 09/08/2023. “Beidh tú buíoch iad a chloisteáil agus iad ag feidhmiú”


Buíoch’s sound is assured, they are tight, their trademark coming from Dave Harte’s double bass, a rare enough instrument in Irish trad, with Clannad and Lúnasa being its most famous exponents. Harte is adept at playing back up and joining in on the faster dance tunes too - if this starts a trend then all the better.