Dermot Byrne, Steve Cooney & Brid Harper

Dermot Byrne, Brid Harper and Steve Cooney have collaborated to tour in 2017 and look forward to a re-union that only happens sporadically due to all their individual demands. They will play a series of concerts in March and we’re delighted that they’ll be featuring at Tradfest together.

Dermot Byrne has played accordion since a very young age, his seemingly effortless playing, combined with great subtlety, and a faultless ear, makes him one of the great accordion players of his generation.

Brid Harper has been hailed as one of the leading exponents of traditional fiddle playing of our time. She was senior All-Ireland Champion, Fiddler of Dooney and Oireachtas winner in 1988. Brid has recently released her Solo Album which has been hailed as one of the best traditional albums of 2015.

Australian born Steve Cooney started his professional musical career from the age of seventeen. In 1981 he bought a one-way ticket to Ireland where he joined Stockton’s Wing, playing bass guitar and didgeridoo. Since then he has been very active performing and recording with Dermot Byrne, Sharon Shannon, Mary Black, Sliabh Notes and many others. We’re thrilled to welcome Steve back to Tradfest once again.